Explore the best preschool learning app for a joyful journey


Play and learn in kidspace

Enhance your child's education through interactive fun! Our innovative learning app for kids transforms playtime into valuable lessons, ensuring your child stays focused and engaged.

Explore the best preschool learning app for a joyful journey
Explore the best preschool learning app for a joyful journey


Your kid's learning in One Place

Facilitate your child's organized learning journey with a dedicated preschool learning app. Establishing a learning station ensures seamless monitoring of their progress, fostering continuous motivation for ongoing education.


Learning is now FUN

Make learning enjoyable for preschoolers! Our interactive modules bring fun to education, helping young minds grasp and apply knowledge in real-world contexts. Encourage exploration and learning based on their interests.

Explore the best preschool learning app for a joyful journey
Explore the best preschool learning app for a joyful journey


Learning is easy as never before

Discover effortless learning with our Preschool Learning App in India. Access a diverse range of modules for a seamless educational experience, empowering you to learn at your own pace.

Learning Modules


  • Alphabets
  • Rhymes
  • Vowels
  • Identify Letter


  • Know Numbers
  • Learn Addition
  • Learn Subtraction
  • Learn Multiplication
  • Learn Division
  • Find Large Number
  • Find Small Number

Know Nature

  • Know Flowers
  • Know Animals
  • Know Birds
  • Know Fruits
  • Know Vegetables
  • Know Body Parts
  • Know Computers
  • Know Days
  • Know Months
  • Know Seasons
  • Many more...

Brain Gym

  • Find Letter
  • Find Number
  • Find Flowers
  • Find Animals
  • Find Birds
  • Find Fruits
  • Find Vegetables
  • Find Body Parts
  • Many more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are available on the learning app?

With the learning app, you have access to a diverse range of subjects such as mathematics, English, and knowledge about nature. You have the freedom to select the subjects that pique your interest and delve into the topics that intrigue you the most.

Are there any interactive activities on the learning app?

Yes, the learning app offers a variety of interactive activities to enhance learning. These include practicing letter and number recognition through slate exercises, identifying animals, flowers, birds, and more. Additionally, the app incorporates brain-gym exercises to make learning enjoyable and engaging, ultimately improving memory retention..

Is the learning app safe and secure?

Yes, the learning app is designed with safety and security in mind. The app follows strict data privacy policies, and your personal information is kept confidential. You can also report any concerns or issues to your teacher or school administrator.

How is kids learning app managed by the school panel?

The learning app for children, created by a panel of educators from KidSpace, is tailored to meet the needs of young learners between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. School administrators and teachers can oversee their students' usage of the app and ensure that they have access to appropriate educational modules through this platform.

How can I access the kids learning app?

To access the app, simply download it from the Google Play Store. If you are a student, your school will provide you with login credentials to access the app. Alternatively, if you are an individual user, register on the app and select the modules that best suit your learning preferences to begin your educational journey.

Is the app customizable to our school's curriculum?

Absolutely! Our app can be tailored to fit your school's unique curriculum and educational goals. We understand that every school has its own distinct needs and requirements, and we're committed to working with you to ensure that our app meets those needs. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help and support you in any way we can.

Are you a School Owner ?

Looking for a curriculum-aligned app to support your kindergartener's learning? Look no further than KidSpace! Our engaging games, activities, and puzzles make mastering key math, language, nature, and other skills fun and effective. Plus, KidSpace aligns with common core standards or your school's curriculum for a seamless learning experience. Contact us for further enhancement of the app and watch your kindergartener blossom into a confident learner!

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